ROXO partners with startup environmental company


    ROXO is partnering with one of its first entrepreneurial clients. 

    Revitalize Charging Solutions (RCS), a startup environmental company based in Fort Worth, has hired ROXO, TCU’s student-run advertising and public relations agency, to help with its branding, marketing and social media presence.

    The partnership was announced in a press release on Jan. 26.

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    RCS’s main goal is to “educate consumers about electric vehicles and green energy initiatives,” according to the release.

    The two entities met through a company called Tech Fort Worth, an organization meant to help emerging technology companies grow. ROXO has worked with Tech Fort Worth in the past, and RCS is a current client of theirs.

    “We had an idea of how we wanted to represent the company but we were lacking the consistency,” CEO of RCS Edward Morgan said. “So we got with ROXO to help us with social media strategy, branding and designing a new logo.”

    The new logo, which was designed by ROXO, is featured on RCS’s website. Morgan said this is the first step in ROXO’s process to enter RCS into the digital world.

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    “We’re taking over their social media and we’re creating a name for them through our work,” said Colleen Garland, a senior strategic communication major and account executive for ROXO.

    RCS is preparing to unveil its first charging station prototype for electric vehicles in the coming weeks. Morgan said RCS hopes to have 10 charging stations in Fort Worth by the end of March.

    Garland said that ROXO wants to help RCS maintain and enhance the company’s marketing and social media strategies.

    “We’re working on a sales video for them and sales material to help aid them so they can leave something behind in meetings to be remembered by,” Garland said. “We’re helping them with advertising themselves.”

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    Morgan said ROXO’s young, energetic and digitally savvy methods were key to bringing in RCS as a client.

    “When you have individuals who are excited about doing some great things and helping you achieve your mission, then nine out of ten times, you’re successful in your mission,” Morgan said.

    Through creative thinking and an active online presence, Morgan said, ROXO has already made this a successful partnership.

    ROXO will also endorse RCS’s mobile app, which will help its users find the nearest charging station.