Brite completes $2.5 million endowment to fund new faculty chair


    Episcopal studies at Brite Divinity School is receiving a boost this month from an endowment fund that reached its goal.

    Sylvia and Tim Stevens made the final contribution to the $2.5 million endowment, which honors the Rev. Sam Hulsey, former bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Northwest Texas. Hulsey and his wife live in Fort Worth.

    The endowment will allow Brite to elevate Dr. Ed Waggoner to a full-time position. Waggoner has been teaching theological studies as an assistant professor for the past two years.

    The endowment project was launched in 2011. Two years ago, after raising $1.5 million toward its goal, Brite hired Waggoner as an assistant professor. 

    About 150 donors contributed to the endowment.

    Brite President Dr. Newell Williams said he appreciates their generosity.

    “It really shows that a lot of folks really care about Brite and its future,” Williams said.

    Williams said the Stevens are active in their local Episcopal church and have attended various programs at Brite. He said they were among the first to sign the pledge to complete the endowment goal.

    “It was important to us to complete this gift and I am pleased that we are financially capable to be able to help,” Sylvia Stevens said.

    “We are delighted that Dr. Waggoner is able to work as a full-time professor with the new faculty chair and we look forward to see who will fill his spot in the later future,” she said.