Theatre students hope to shine in New York City


    Seniors take the stage to perform their acts in anticipation of standing before talent agents in New York City.

    This is the theatre department’s second year sending students to New York City for the opportunity to gain audition experience and to potentially get an agent.

    The students will arrive on March 10, the week of spring break, and will perform a showcase for agents March 12.

    The 14 seniors performing have prepared a collection of materials from musicals, plays and television shows.

    Seniors had to audition for a place in the showcase and the opportunity to represent themselves and the university in New York City, acting major Dylan Glaser said.

    Not only can students gain audition experience from performing in New York City, but they have the chance to gain an agent.

    “What it’s really about is trying to get the agents to see if they can market you or get you roles,” Glaser said.

    Musical theatre major Caroline Iliff said that it’s a possibility for students to become represented on the spot.

    “You could get offered to be with an agent,” Iliff said. “Then when you move there you would automatically have that agent, and they could get you into auditions.”

    Last spring this happened with alumna Sophie Morris while performing in the showcase.

    “Sophie Morris had a meeting with them when she was in New York and now she has an agent, she’s living in New York and auditioning,” Iliff said.

    Glaser said he is most looking forward to getting a hands on experience in New York City.

    “We don’t really get to dive into the professional world that much around here,” Glaser said. “We will get to see what it’s like on Broadway and off-Broadway stages, and we will get some workshops with some directors and casting agents to get us ready for what’s going to happen after college.”

    Illif said she is looking forward to performing in New York City with her fellow aspiring actors.

    “I’m honestly most excited to go with my friends and experience with them to see if this is something that we could do,” Iliff said. “To get the chance to perform in front of agents and people in the area is a just a really cool opportunity.”

    The seniors performing are Kylie Arnold, Jack Bristol, Caroline Carden, Wyn Delano, Trevor Frets, Dylan Glaser, Jonathan Hardin, Caroline Iliff, Katie Keller, Lia Palazzo, Jenna Meador, Delaney Milbourn, Kyle Montgomery and Shelby Ringdahl.

    The TCU performance will be Monday, March 2 at 6 p.m. in the Marlene and Spencer Hays Theatre. The theatre is located in the Mary D. and F. Howard Walsh Center for Performing Arts.

    It is free to students and open to the public.