Brite Divinity recognized as a seminary that changes the world


    The Brite Divinity School’s ability to cater to a wide range of congregations and build leaders rooted in faith earned it national recognition.

    Brite was named one of 26 seminaries that change the world by the Center for Faith and Service based in Chicago.

    Brite President, Dr. Newell Williams, said he is proud of Brite’s recent recognition.

    “I am quite pleased that Brite’s efforts were recognized and distinguished as effective in creating quality leaders,” Williams said.

    The school’s dean, Joretta Marshall, said she heard about the award and decided to apply on behalf of Brite after the divinity school was nominated by another seminary.

    Institutions were selected based off their commitment to engage in the world and to strengthen theological education in order to build faithful leaders.

    “It is natural for Brite to be on this list,” Marshall said.

    Williams said Brite has graduates who have shaped communities and the school’s integration of diverse study platforms and help keep students engaged with the world around them.

    “Brite is committed to making sure that we have our students in classes to be engaged within the congregation and outside of it and to promote ideas of justice, scholarship and leadership,” Marshall said.

    The Soul Repair program at Brite, which helps veterans and families reintegrate themselves faithfully into the community, is a distinct and unique program that is life changing for people, Williams said.

    “Brite cares about the world and seeks to build leaders who will practice faith and continue to positively influence the world,” Williams said.

    The application required signatures from faculty, administrators and at least three students. Once the seminaries accept the award, presidents of the institutions must commit to be part of a group of seminaries and divinity schools that will collaborate in developing life-changing leaders.

    “I am quite pleased,” Marshall said. “It is an honor to be among a list of strong seminaries.”