University closings disrupt professors’ schedules


    A previous version of this story mistakely attributed a quote to Dr. Molly Scudder. The quote has been removed from the story. 

    TCU students may have enjoyed some days off caused by the icy conditions last week, but professors have had to deal with shortened class schedules and condensed lesson plans.

    Professors will be forced to adapt again Thursday, as TCU is closed again.

    The university closed on three separate days last week, and the lack of class time has caused professors to reevaluate lectures and trim material.

    Dr. Shikha Batra, a lecturer in the sociology department, said she also had to reevaluate her test schedule.

    “I had to rush through everything,” Batra said. “I squeezed everything into one class.”

    Batra said her commute was also affected by the inclement weather.

    “It took me four hours to drive back home,” she said. “The roads were just a sheet of ice.”

    Dr. Michael Chumley, an associate professor in the biology department, said while he was ahead of schedule in one of his classes, he was forced to scale back on his lecturing in his other class.

    “My other class is a team taught class in biology, and so I actually only had eight lectures,” Dr. Chumley said. “I had to cut some material and compress the remaining lectures before the students have their exam.”

    The last time the university shut down due to weather was when a severe winter storm, dubbed an “Icepocalypse” by students and a “hyperborean hell” in an email by Provost Nowell Donovan, postponed final exams in the fall 2013 semester.