Save money and enjoy spring break in Fort Worth


    $10 or less

    March 7-8

    Funky Finds Spring Fling – Will Rogers Memorial Center

    Cost: Free

    About: More than 100 artists, crafters, designers, authors and food makers will set up booths at the event. Click here for more information.

    March 10

    Texas Tuesday—Van Darien at Whiskey and Rye, 6 p.m.

    Cost: Free

    About: Enjoy live music, boot shining and taste testing of Texas Whiskey.

    March 10-13

    Kimbell Art Museum – Spring Break Art Extravaganza

    Cost: Free

    About: Activities include family tours, storybook readings, teen studios led by guest artists and films provided by the Lone Star Film Society.

    March 11

    Stockyards Station – Spring Break Activities

    Cost: Free

    About: Gunfight reenactments are after the 11:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. cattle drives inside the Stockyards Station.

    Coffee Shops in Fort Worth

    Cost: About $4-$5

    About: Enjoy a hot drink and friendly atmosphere at these locations. This time can also be spent studying or hanging out with friends.

    Avoca Coffee

    Buon Giorno


    Paris Coffee Shop


    $20 or less

    March 5-15

    International Falls – Stage West Theatre

    Cost: $15

    About: A play featuring a “burned out” comedian and a hotel desk clerk who wants to understand the meaning behind the comedian’s jokes. Order tickets here.

    March 7-14

    Pawnee Bill’s Wild West Show – Cowtown Coliseum

    Cost: $15

    About: The show reenacts the original Pawnee Bill show. It features trick roping, trick shooting, trick riding and cowboy songs. Order tickets here.

    Showings until March 22

    Amphibian Stage Productions—Time Stands Still

    Cost: $18

    About: A play about a relationship between Sarah and James. Sarah, a photojournalist and foreign correspondent, must choose between her career and a relationship with James. Order tickets here.


    $50 or less

    March 5-8

    Casa Mañana—Steel Magnolias

    Cost: Lowest is $48.25

    About: Steel Magnolias is a play set in Truvy’s Beauty Salon in Chinquapin, Louisiana. It is about the relationship between six Southern women and their trials. Order tickets here.

    March 5-8

    Cliburn – Kimbell

    Cost: $40

    About: Young pianists will present their variations of Chopin. Order tickets here.

    Restaurants to Try

    Cost: $10-$20

    Righteous is a restaurant known for its healthy options and coffee. You can also enjoy time outside at restaurants like Joe T. GarciasBird Café and the Fort Worth Food Park.