Budget forum fails to draw non-SGA members


    The Student Government Association conducted its $700,000 budget forum in front of only SGA members Tuesday night.

    Thirteen members of SGA attended the meeting, which was intended for students to learn about where their money is being allocated through SGA.

    SGA Treasurer Lydia Longoria presented the budget. She said it is unfortunate students chose not to attend the meeting explaining what is being done with their money.

    SGA notified the students in different ways.

    “I put out a message on SGA’s Facebook page, sent emails and passed it from word of mouth to many students.” Longoria said.

    Yet some students feel this is not enough to convince students to go to the forum.

    “I did not know it was going on. Also, I did not know if I could change anything even if I did go,” said Dutch Seitz, a junior business major.

    Katie Teays, a junior theatre major, said SGA should have done more advertising.

    “I think they should put up signs and advertise how interactive the forum can be,” Teays said. “It is a shame students don’t go to hear about the exciting things SGA is planning to do with all that money.”

    According to a TCU admissions handout, each student automatically pays a $90 SGA fee (per academic year) for SGA to fund its programing. 

    SGA uses about $700,000 to pay for fixed expenses and student organization funding. The group also spends the money on other things the student body asks for, as long as the requests meet financial guidelines.