Intensive English Program Women’s Club gives back to local community


    The Intensive English Program (IEP) Women’s Club is a new club this school year that consists of female international students who meet once a week to foster friendships, serve the community and try new things.

    The students in the club volunteered at Catholic Charities Fort Worth on Thursday and helped organize the establishment’s donation center. The club volunteered with Catholic Charities once last semester. 

    Britt Luby, IEP coordinator, said that Catholic Charities does a great job of working around the needs of the women because most of them do not have cars on campus.

    Barbie Simon, an IEP student from Haiti, said that she organized books, toys and cosmetics. Simon also said she would like to volunteer at Catholic Charities again.

    Eliona Kola, an IEP student from Albania, said she enjoyed her experience at Catholic Charities and thought of those who are less fortunate as she shelved items donated from third parties.

    “I feel blessed knowing that some people will have a better life from the help of these centers, and I feel it is my duty to serve the world,” Kola said. “It will be better if we all do something small every day.”

    There are roughly 15 to 20 international women in the club that meet each week to grow their friendships. Students are typically in the Intensive English Program for a year, so the women’s club helps them get to know each other better.

    The women “support each other as they make their way through a new country,” Luby said.

    The club participates in something different each week. Oftentimes, the club shares a meal together. Other activities have included dancing, practicing yoga and watching films.

    The club also discusses more serious topics, such as the differences between women’s rights in their home countries.