Women’s sexual assault roundtable to meet Wednesday


    After a successful men’s roundtable in the fall, Student Body Vice President of External Affairs Maddie Reddick will sit down with TCU women to discuss the issue of sexual assault on campus.

    Reddick will lead a female sexual assault roundtable at 7 p.m. Wednesday in the Multipurpose Building.

    “Obviously the conversation for women and men is extremely different, but it was one that I think women leaders across campus should have too,” Reddick said.

    The roundtable will take place during Not On My Campus week. Not On My Campus is a student-led movement to end the silence about sexual assault on campus.

    Reddick felt that putting the roundtable during this week would give female students an action item to go with the event.

    “I really hope to talk to these women leaders to see what ideas they have for solutions in attacking our culture and how they can take those ideas back to their organization meetings in order to get the discussion started from a student standpoint,” Reddick said.

    Reddick said she plans to open discussion about what sexual assault is and how TCU students can help remove barriers that keep people from reporting assaults.

    Statistics show that only 5 percent of sexual assaults are reported.

    “You can really solve a problem if you don’t know that it’s happening,” Reddick said.

    Reddick said Greek leaders and students involved with first-year programs will participate in the roundtable.

    “I think it’s a really great opportunity when you can get people together who are so influential on campus,” Reddick said.