KinderFrogs celebrates World Down Syndrome Day


    TCU’s KinderFrogs program celebrated World Down Syndrome Day on March 20.

    Rain played a part in the day’s programming, but teachers and volunteers made adjustments to make sure the celebration still ran smoothly.

    In the morning, the Special Olympics of Texas paired up with TCU kinesiology students to host the Froggy Games.

    In the afternoon, the weather relocated some of the events indoors.

    The Starpoint students interacted and played with the KinderFrogs. The Starpoint School is another TCU laboratory school for children ages 6-11 with learning disabilities.

    Seniors Patrick Homa, Kara Lindquist and Meryl Woods participated in the day’s activities. They also prepared for the event and got the word out about it.

    The group put together “random acts of kindness” toolboxes to help promote the event. The toolboxes encouraged people to perform random acts of kindness in the community, such as paying for someone’s coffee.

    Dr. Marilyn Tolbert is the director of the laboratory schools at TCU.

    Tolbert said she was pleased with the way the Starpoint students interacted with the KinderFrogs program.

    “The most rewarding part is seeing the acceptance and kindness of all of the children,” Tolbert said.

    She said the Starpoint students made a great effort to put the KinderFrogs students first and play with them.

    Tolbert said one of the highlights of the day was toward the end: when the children sang along to the Chords with Kids performance of the song “Let It Go” from the movie “Frozen.”

    The actual date of World Down Syndrome Day is March 21. The date is significant because Down Syndrome is caused by three chromosomes on the 21st pair.