TCU’s Nourish International chapter doing their part in fight against poverty


    Members of TCU’s chapter of Nourish International, a national organization that assists in the fight against global poverty, plan to spend part of their summer building greenhouses in Quito, Ecuador.

    The group is partnering with a chapter at Ohio State University to send six students to build greenhouses, said Haylee Vieregg, founder and president of the TCU chapter. The Horned Frogs will be working with the Triple Salto organization.

    Triple Salto is a portion of the Canada World Youth volunteer program that aides in development projects.

    A non-profit organization, Triple Salto “aims to empower citizens and communities to support and develop locally based sustainable opportunities,” according to their website. Its mission “is to generate integrated and sustainable solutions to social, environmental and economic needs through strategic alliances between the government, the private sector and citizens.”

    This summer marks the first of a two-year partnership between Triple Salto and TCU’s Nourish International Chapter.

    Nourish International established their TCU chapter last year.

    Since their beginning last semester, Nourish’s TCU chapter has set up “percentage nights at local restaurants around campus to encourage people to donate,” said Vieregg.

    “The money we raise this year will be going toward our summer project in Ecuador,” Vieregg said.

    Vieregg said every year Nourish International holds a contest called The Giving Challenge between all 60 Nourish chapters and was held February 4-25.

    “TCU raised $4,365 and was sixth in raising the most money,” Vieregg said.

    Vieregg said the organization surpassed its overall goal of $75,000 and raised over $80,000.

    The TCU chapter will be using the money they raised toward their summer project in Ecuador.

    Vieregg explained that as they have made substantial growth in the past semester, they are always looking for more members to be on the executive board.

    “[Nourish International] will be having new leaders next semester, so we are looking to recruit new members by holding information sessions and setting up tables around campus to tell students about the organization,” Vieregg said.

    As of late, Nourish International has invested about $460,000, participated in 113 projects in 28 countries and impacted the lives of 55,000 people living on less than $1.25 a day.

    The organization’s Spring 2015 Campaign goal is set at $100,000.

    The Giving Challenge results are available at, and TCU’s Nourish International chapter site is