Tuition rising at a higher rate than room and board


    With tuition set to surpass $40,000 for the 2015 fall semester, room and board continues to suppress large price increases.

    Tuition jumped up 5.5 percent to $38,510 back in 2013 for the 2013-2014 schoolyear. This trend is set to continue into next year, as tuition will increase another 5.5% to $40,630.

    TCU Housing and Residence Life, meanwhile, has kept the price for room and board as low as possible.

    “It’s very much on purpose,” said Director of Housing and Residence Life Craig Allen.

    On average, room and board for next year should cost students $11,800. This is an increase of $420 from this year. Of course, this can change significantly, based on the different meal plans and living options.

    “I think it is important, as tuition does go up we try to keep our increases to 3% or less per year,” Allen said.

    Allen said the residency and meal plan requirements for first and second-year students helps keep the prices down.

    “You can provide a better product at a lower cost, so if we were to start letting students opt out of the meal plan, we’d have to raise the price,” Allen said.

    Allen said that TCU has also done a good job at not running a large deficit, adding to the cost for students.

    He also gave a lot of credit to his own staff as well.

    “TCU housing, we are a pretty lean organization,” Allen said. “I mean, we have really talented people who work here and I think we do a really good job.”