Updated program offers ‘One Million Reasons’ for financial literacy


    TCU’s Student Development Services (SDS) and the Office of Scholarships & Student Financial Aid have a “million” reasons why students should learn about finances.

    “There’s a million reasons why financial literacy is important,” said Rachael Capua, assistant director of the sophomore and junior year experience. 


    While the Financial Literacy Program was already in place, the new name and program, called One Million Reasons: A New Perspective (OMR), emphasizes the “one million reasons” people should be financially literate, Capua said.


    Meredith Hudson, a sophomore fashion merchandising major and a student ambassador for OMR, wrote in an email that the new curriculum will help students feel more comfortable in making financial decisions.

    “I think the curriculum that will be provided through One Million Reasons will grab the attention of students through real-life connections and empower students in making their own financial decisions independently,” Hudson wrote.

    While the curriculum used for OMR is still being finalized, it will offer in-person seminars and talks, as well as online videos and activities, Capua said.

    Melet Leafgreen, assistant director of financial aid, knows that students are busy. Because of this, the videos will be short and straightforward.

    “We’re trying to keep them bite-sized,“ Leafgreen said. “You can get in and get out, and hopefully get what you need.”

    Some of the online lessons will include a printout or cheat sheet that students can use to further their understanding, Leafgreen said.

    One Million Reasons is also an option under the Don’t Cancel That Classprogram, Capua said.

    Through Don’t Cancel That Class, a professor can choose a guest speaker from a list to come speak instead of canceling the class if they can’t attend.

    “When professors can’t make it to a class, they have the option to choose financial literacy to come in,” said Colton Perry, a senior psychology and communication studies double major, as well as a student ambassador for OMR.

    The new program will start in the fall semester, but it will be announced at first-year orientations this summer, Leafgreen said.

    “[SDS’s] time right now is focused on this new brand,” Leafgreen said. “We can roll it out partly at orientation this summer with incoming students, and then obviously really kick it off in the fall.”

    The update and the new branding will officially be announced later in April, which is Financial Literacy Month. Details about One Million Reasons can be found on the SDS website.

    “The reason behind this name is that there’s a million reasons why financial literacy isn’t just about finances—budgets, saving, all these things that we talk about,” Capua said. “It’s much more than that.”

    “If your financial being isn’t in order, all the other things could potentially be affected,” Capua said.