Construction of Daniel-Meyer Coliseum progressing


    The current renovation project for Daniel-Meyer Coliseum is nearing its next stage and is still on time for its completion in October before the 2015 season begins.

    Currently, structural steel is being erected at the front of the coliseum, while brick is being applied to the south side of the coliseum, new TCU project manager Wes Hokanson said.

    “Structural steel should be completed by the end of April, and then you will start to see exterior framing,” Hokanson said.

    He added the project is still intended for completion in October, as what was originally scheduled, despite a somewhat slow start.

    “The project was a little slow getting going because, before any real construction work could occur, there was a large amount of structural bracing that had to be engineered and installed in order to support the dome when demolition began,” Hokanson said.

    “Whenever you are renovating an existing building, there are always unforeseen conditions and situations that couldn’t have been anticipated and planned for.”

    Hokanson said there have been no changes to the original plans of the coliseum, which is backed by the approved budget of $72.4 million for the project.

    The budget includes a few other projects so that other steps in the construction process will be taken care of, Hokanson said.

    The coliseum is intended to seat 6,860 for basketball games and will hold 7,490 for commencements.