SGA Candidates explain their platforms


    SGA officer candidates shared their thoughts on political issues at TCU this week during personal interviews. Topics ranged from what the candidates would do with the SGA budget to how social issues such as sexual assault should be handled.

    Candidates shared both similar and differing political views on each topic. Candidates also shared their reasons (sometimes personal) for why they have their views.

    Presidential candidates Jacob Greenstein and Maddie Reddick provided information on their personal lives and political opinions.

    Similarities between the candidates include:

    They both like the outdoors and to play sports; they both think TCU’s community and vibe is the best part of TCU; both said they were off the charts when asked how much they wanted to be president from 1-10.

    Both candidates also think social issues like sexual assault and body image are very important and should continue to be influenced by SGA.

    Differences include:

    How they would handle student involvement: Reddick said she wants more work to be done on informing freshmen through programing, while Greenstein said personal interaction with all students and bringing up the topics genuinely would be sufficient. 

    Reddick advocates for your experience, your safety, and your health. Greenstein advocates for sustainability on campus, school spirit, and social movements.

    Reddick is against departmental funding from SGA, while Greenstein did not voice an opinion on the issue.

    Reddick was available for a interview, while a busy schedule prevented Greenstein from doing an interview.

    All of the SGA candidates’ opinions differed on how much departmental funding should be used through SGA.

    Here is a graph representing their level of agreement with the policy. “1” indicates they do not want it at all and “10” indicates they completely support it.

    Ernest Dominick, Ryker Thompson, Austin Taylor, and Tierney Johnson are all running for vice president of operations.

    Thompson, Dominick, and Tierney had negative opinions of departmental funding, while Taylor said he supports the funding of school departments.

    Here are interviews with each candidate.

    The two candidates for vice president of external affairs are Katie Phillips and Bryan Tony.

    Phillips said she would bring “passion and energy” to the position. 

    Tony said he would bring “years of experience and connections with the city.”

    Phillips’s main goals would be to improve sustainability and marketing of SGA and TCU, as well as improve interactive events with students to foster the TCU community.

    Tony said his three main goals are to “bring the purple skyline back… I want to improve transportation through some merger of TCU and Uber… Lastly, I want to bring important people from the city here to TCU.”

    Here are their voices on the topics.

    The treasurer position is going unopposed by John Paul Watson. He is from Fort Worth, Texas and enjoys the “social scene” and the “solitude of the back country.” He said he wants to develop a program where qualified organizations become financially independent by the use of SGA funding.

    “I support departmental funding because it gives SGA more freedom” Watson said.

    The candidates said they hope voters will vote on April 14 for the candidates they think are best for the positions.