TheEnd will return for a second year after receiving another million-dollar grant


    TheEnd won’t be a one-and-done program at TCU.

    After receiving $500,000 for programming in the fall semester, Student Activities received an additional $500,000 internal grant for the spring semester and Vice Chancellor Kathy Cavins-Tull built it into the budget for 2015-2016.

    The reason for the extension can be attributed to a connection between weekend programming and a decline in alcohol-related incidents.

    Last fall, residence hall damages decreased by 22 percent and incident reports were down 61 percent compared to the previous semester.

    Also, alcohol violations decreased by 20 percent and the number of alcohol poisonings was cut in half.

    TheEnd began as a program to counter these alcohol-related incidents and damages in campus residence halls.

    Cavins-Tull said that a student death due to alcohol poisoning could potentially equal $1 million in lawsuits, so spending $1 million on student programming is a great alternative.

    Student Activities Coordinator Brad Thompson said he and his staff will begin selecting the programming for 2015-2016 in May and June.