Second FrogFolio Showcase displays best FrogFolios of 2015


    Staff, visitors, parents and students were able to view each nominee’s FrogFolio displayed on laptops prior to the announcement of category winners Tuesday. 

    FrogFolio is a “digital or online portfolio that allows you to reflect upon, document and creatively show your learning experiences throughout college,” said Dr. Daniel Terry, director of FrogFolio.

    Any student or staff member was able to nominate a student’s FrogFolio for an award. Students could also nominate themselves.

    The categories included “Best Academic FrogFolio,”“Best Written Content,” “Best Visual Design,” “Best Career-Oriented FrogFolio” and “Best Original Use of a FrogFolio.”

    First and second place “Best Overall FrogFolios” were awarded to one of the 10 students in the final categories.

    Amazon digital gift cards were given to both the winner and runner-up of each category. The winner received a $200 gift card and the runner-up a $75 gift card.

    Terry announced the winners at the showcase and read a portion of what was written about them in their nominations and reviews.

    Dan Tran and Dave Thompson were nominated for “Best Academic FrogFolio.”

    Terry said, “Dan has showcased her passion for design and has in depth descriptions of what she has learned in her classes.”

    “[Thompson] shows quite clearly that he is academically ambitious through his reflections and examples of his work,” Terry said.

    The winner of the “Best Academic FrogFolio” was Dan Tran.

    Jessica Caceres and Stephen Paul were nominated for “Best Career-Oriented FrogFolio.”

    Terry said “[Caceres] has done a very effective job of showcasing her talents as an aspiring educator and has proved that she is qualified, eager and determined.”

    “All of Stephen’s sections are thorough and polished…all of his reflections come together to make for a very impressive FrogFolio,” Terry said.

    Winner of the “Best Career-Oriented FrogFolio” was Jessica Caceres.

    The next category was “Best Original Use.” The two nominees were Brooke Arnold and Marita Henley.

    Terry said, “Brooke has truly taken her FrogFolio and made it her own by adding multiple new sections that were not in the template…She also added creative elements to template sections.”

    Terry said Henley “has included several clips of her dancing and videos and descriptions of her family members…Her FrogFolio helps bring to life examples of her art and demonstrate her talents for everyone to see.”

    Winner of “Best Original Use” was Brooke Arnold.

    “Best Visual Design” nominees were Michele Farren and Denise Nguyen.

    Terry said “Michele’s FrogFolio is like an art exhibit. She shows off her graphic design skills and her artwork, but at the same time making sure they are presented in a visually appealing way.”

    “Denise’s FrogFolio is crisp, clean, and polished…she has spiced it up with colorful pictures of her work, herself, and her family,” Terry said.

    Winner of “Best Visual Design” was Denise Nguyen.

    The final category was “Best Written Content” and nominees included Sarah Jane Grisham and Sara Babineaux.

    Terry said Grisham’s “information is descriptive and meaningful, with personal depth…it was a pleasure to learn about her through her words.”

    Terry said Babineaux’s FrogFolio “is unique because of the way she has chosen to document her life and her college experience through writing. Sara reflects deeply on herself, each of her goals, and her learning experiences in her FrogFolio.”

    Winner of “Best Written Content” was Sara Babineaux.

    Finally, Terry announced the first and second “Best Overall FrogFolios.”

    Second place “Best Overall” was Brook Arnold.

    Arnold was awarded a GoPro camera and accessory package valued at about $225.

    First place “Best Overall” was Denise Nguyen.

    Nguyen was awarded a digital design pen and tablet valued at about $350.

    There are currently about 1,950 students who have created a FrogFolio; about 40 FrogFolios were nominated for the Showcase.

    If students want to create their own FrogFolio account, they can send an email to [email protected] or come to the FrogFolio Lounge in Rees-Jones Hall 222 from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays.

    For more information and tutorials visit the FrogFolio website.