101st House session closes; elected officials sworn in


    After a Skype call from Florence, Italy, the House of Student Representatives elected Abigail Buckley as Speaker of the House for the 102nd session.

    The House closed out the 101st session Tuesday night by electing a new Speaker and committee chairs in addition to swearing in it’s new elected officials.

    Buckley, who is currently studying abroad, ran unopposed and will follow Alex Cohen as Speaker.

    The House also elected a new slate of committee chairs.

    Committees include Academic Affairs, Dining Services, Student Experience, Elections and Regulations, Finance and Student Outreach.

    Each of the House committees focuses on a different part of the TCU experience and seeks to make change in those areas. Committee chairs are elected to lead their respective committees, and report their weekly progress to the House.

    Additionally, all of the elected student body officers, committee chairs and House representatives took their oaths of office at Tuesday’s meeting.

    Full list of elected SGA officers is below:

    Student Body Officers:

    President – Maddie Reddick

    Vice President of External Affairs – Katie Phillips

    Vice President of Operations – Ryker Thompson

    Treasurer – John Paul Watson

    Committee Chairs:

    Academic Affairs – Katie Rettig

    Dining Services – Benjamin Taylor

    Elections and Regulations – Morgan Bailie

    Finance – Drew Atkins

    Student Experience – Laura Simard

    Student Outreach – Kelsey Ritchie

    House Representatives

    School of Business

    Drew Atkins

    Laura Simard

    Conner Neal

    Jacob Choulet

    Caroline Pulliam

    Amanda McFeeley

    Hudson Trent

    Hien Tran

    Tierney Johnson

    Grace Gau

    Honors College

    Benjamin Taylor

    Rebecca Gonzalez

    Julia Zellers

    Sara Babineaux

    College of Nursing and Health Sciences

    Kinsey Budagher

    Ashlynn Deaton

    Katherine Carvalho

    Jacquelyn Hogan

    Kay Klein

    Ali Wittenberg

    College of Science and Engineering

    Rachel Hoffman

    Shelby Fruge

    William Mitchell

    Morgan Bailie

    Abby Till

    Will Rudnicki

    Jacob Wirfel

    College of Fine Arts

    Catherine Potter

    Brooke Morrissy

    Katie Rettig

    College of Education

    Maddie Jiongo

    College of Communication

    Lance Owens

    Justin Rubenstein

    Kelsey Ritchie

    Lissie Kevlin

    Caroline McKee

    College of Liberal Arts

    Yannick Tona

    Ashley Hodge

    Brennan Lafferty

    Carson Ogle

    Kristen Mohr

    Bryan Tony

    James Lincoln

    Class of 2016

    Abigail Buckley

    Blake Tilley

    Class of 2017

    Emily Vaught

    David Clark

    Class of 2018

    Mitchel Howard

    Sarah Neal Secrest