‘Amp It Up’ team wants more women to join the squad


    The TCU Amp It Up team is searching for more women to join its crew.

    Amp It Up’ers stand on ladders in the aisles of the student sections and lead fans in cheers at home football games.

    “Adding women to the program has always been on our agenda since day one,” said junior Isuru Perera.

    Last year two women were among the Amp It Up’ers, electrifying the crowd in their signature purple and white striped overalls.

    “Being a part of this program allows you to step out of your comfort zone and do something new, energizing and totally fun,” said Perera.

    “Students can look to them and know that it’s OK to act silly, dance, smile, sing and have a good time while attending games,” said Jackie Torda, Assistant Director of Athletic Marketing.

    Torda explained that adding women can bring a different dynamic and energy to the group.

    “I think adding female Amp it Up’ers would take away any embarrassing factors for women in the crowd and help them to get a little crazy for the Frogs. Then again, this is Texas and Texas crowds go all out for their team,” said junior Jimmy McGrath.

    The ultimate goal for the Amp it Up’ers is to be a recognized part of TCU spirit and tradition, leading the crowds in chants and festivity at every home game, according to McGrath.