Showgirls will face slight changes in upcoming season


    TCU Showgirls will be looking at some changes this season once the team is selected this Saturday after tryouts.

    Destiny Boos will be the only senior on the squad next season. She is competing for captain along with three rising juniors: Kendall Floyd, Alexandria White and Sierra Tuthill.

    “We will only have one senior next year so they kind of had to have the sophomores step up to the plate,” Tuthill said.

    This will be a change in leadership because there were four senior captains last year.

    Dakota Canales, TCU Showgirls captain, said that her year “was a special year” by having four captains because, in past years, there were either two or three captains.

    Canales said that the team needed more leadership while TCU Spirit Coordinator Lindsay Westbrook was on maternity leave. When Westbrook was on maternity leave, Canales said “a lot of pressure was put on the captains.”

    Before Westbrook left on maternity leave, Canales says that she was a tougher coach than she is now.

    “Lindsay, my freshman year, was so much more intense; she was so intimidating. I was terrified of her,” Canales said.

    While Westbrook was on maternity leave, Brittany Barbeau and Ashley Iovine, former TCU Showgirls, stepped in to help guide the team.

    The team loved having their help, Tuthill said, but the Showgirls are excited to have Westbrook back.

    “I think it will be amazing with Lindsay back,” Canales said. “We definitely had a really rough transition not having her there.”

    Westbrook said that she is excited about being back, but that she is different since giving birth to her daughter, Savanna Grace, in October.

    “I feel way more compassionate than I ever was,” Westbrook said. “There is such a softer side of me. I should not be saying this, but definitely a softer side of me; I think that’s what happens when you have kids.”

    Westbrook will be at the tryouts along with the judges looking for the new members of the Showgirls team.

    There are five graduating seniors from the 2014-2015 team, but that does not mean there will only be five spots for the women trying out.

    “We would love to have all of our veterans back, but everyone tries out,” Westbrook said. “Everyone has the same chance of making the team. So, there are not only five spots because some of the girls might not make it back.”

    The competiveness of getting a spot on the team makes some of the women trying out nervous.

    “I’m nervous but I’m also really anxious. I’ve been dreaming of becoming a Showgirl for forever, so I am so excited,” said Sheridan Donevant, a rising first-year student.

    The tryouts will be held from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday in the Campus Recreation Center.

    Westbrook said she will not know the exact number of women trying out until Saturday but, “typically we have about a hundred…but it varies from year to year,” Westbrook said.

    There is not a set number of women that can be on the team, but Westbrook said she hopes to keep the team around 22 to 28 women.

    During the tryout, “We look for appearance, poise, skill, obviously we want them to be able to dance. We want them to be able to perform and dance, so skills are a big one, flexibility, we do some kicks, they do splits, and just an overall wow factor,” Westbrook said.

    Once tryouts are over, the women will find out that evening whether or not they made the team.