Equipment sale attracts fans with low prices


    Standing on the ramps leading up to the visitors’ locker room was a massive crowd looking to get its hands on various TCU items.

    After a successful football season and positive strides in baseball, fans wanted to take advantage of the discount prices on items such as game-worn jerseys, cleats and sneakers at the TCU equipment sale on Saturday.

    TCU fans lined up for the sale long before it was due to open at 10 a.m.

    Assistant Equipment Manager Victor Ignatiev said that 341 people came to purchase gear within the first hour and a half.

    Ignatiev was in charge of crowd control, letting only a few people in at a time as others left.

    There was a wide selection of memorabilia ranging from game-worn football jerseys to headsets used during football games.

    Samantha Koehler, a cashier at the event, said she expected a constant flow of people throughout the day.

    Ivy Wong, another cashier, said football and baseball jerseys were the most popular item on the shelves.

    Some students regretted not showing up earlier to purchase desired items.

    Sophomore Kyle Myers said he should’ve woken up earlier than he did. Myers wanted a pair of sneakers that ran out quickly.

    Even current TCU athletes wanted to get their hands on some gear.

    Sophomore cross-country and track athlete Ryan Spetnagel lined up at 9 a.m. to buy a singlet, the top half of a TCU track uniform.

    Spetnagel said he wanted one so he could frame it in the future to commemorate his time involved with cross-country and track.

    The sale was extended to 3:30 p.m. to accommodate those who were at the first game of the baseball double-header, according to TCU equipment’s twitter page.