Kappa Alpha Theta networks for the future


    The Kappa Alpha Theta sorority hosted a career networking event Tuesday night for seniors, juniors and ambitious sophomores to meet local Theta alumnae.

    This event gave attendees a chance to meet a future mentor to help them with the transition from “college to career” and from “active to alum.”

    “Our goal is to provide a platform of education for the actives looking for career placement and awareness of the wealth of contacts that are available through the alum group,” said Julie Grim, scholarship advisor of the TCU Theta chapter.

    Grim is the Regional Account Manager for Amgen.

    “We wanted to do something as an alumnae chapter that would involve us with the actives,” Grim said. “As an advisor, I have a connection with the actives that is a natural fit with their academic and career aspirations. This is something we can do to make sure that we uphold them towards our national mantra ‘Theta for a lifetime.’”

    “This is also an opportunity for the girls to ask questions early in their decision making process for where their career path may lead them,” said Mid-Cities Theta Alumnae Chapter President Susan Krall. “We would love to make a connection that goes on and on.”

    Krall is a physical therapist and currently in customer relations for Senior Rehab Solutions.

    “This was a great event because I was able to connect with alumnae who I have a lot in common with,” said junior writing and communication studies double major Emily Redmond. “I didn’t know what to expect coming here, but I feel that I have made some connections that can lead me to even more connections for my future.”

    “I was hoping to meet some future nurses that I could connect with, but to be on the safe side, I also brought my information in case anyone needed a baby sitter,” said senior nursing major Hannah Kundert.

    The night began with alumnae and actives mingling and talking about their career interests and future plans. It continued with a power point covering human resource basics, resume building and how to find the right job fit from an industry perspective.

    They then separated into small groups in order to get to know each other, share their stories and exchange career aspirations.

    “For me, the importance of an event like this is bringing together local alumnae and college actives,” Lisa Queralt, advisory board chair for Theta and a clinical nurse specialist, said. “There are a lot of personal connections in this room that the [alumnae] would love to share with the new graduates in order for them to get plugged into the local field of their interest.”

    “As I walked around, I heard so much wisdom being passed along to active Thetas, wisdom many of us could never put a price tag on,” said Kappa Alpha Theta President Aubree Hutchison.

    “Overall, I was delighted to see the alumnae women have so much passion for not only their career path in life, but for helping out their active ‘sisters’ find a career path that aligned both their passions and their strengths,” Hutchison said.

    “We want this to be an ongoing annual event, and our hope is to include more actives as well as additional alum chapters,” Grim said.