Coffee house inspires student entrepreneur


    What began as some simple brainstorming and planning in a coffee house, has expanded into a t-shirt company with a purpose.

    According to the website, Common Grace Threads is a company that designs t-shirts with the intentions to start conversations with people about Jesus. 

    Connor O’Modhrain, senior strategic communication major, is one of the co-founders of Common Grace Threads. O’Modhrain is joined by Josh Storie, life stage one worship pastor at Christ Chapel Bible Church, and TCU alumnus Ryan Christian.

    O’Modhrain said the group met for the first time at Brewed. 

    “For us the vision of Brewed kind of being like the locals living room for us really vibes well with what we want to do,” Storie said. “We loved the idea of not really being in an office somewhere, but being in a place where we can be with people and just sit down on couches and have coffee.”

    Christian said the official logo for Common Grace Threads is a mountain. He said the design is intended to represent God’s common grace. 

    “We thought about the feeling you get when you summit a mountain when we chose the logo,” Christian said. 

    T-shirts are priced at $20 and can be found on Common Grace Thread’s website.