TCU students utilize campus to launch business


    TCU plays a prominent role in a new business venture launched by three sophomores. 

    The trio – Daniel Castañeda, Hunt Neurohr, and Garrett Greenberg – sell refurbished watches, including Bulova, Citizen Eco Drive and Movado. Their website, went live April 20.

    The venture isn’t Castañeda’s first business endeavor. In high school, he learned how to fix broken iPhone screens, something he continues to do on campus.

    “I’ve been involved in other entrepreneurial projects in the past and people have known me because I fix everyone’s cell phones,” said Castañeda. “And now people are like ‘Oh he’s starting a new business,’ but luckily this time around I got to bring some of my best friends into the mix.”

    Castañeda said students are excited about the Monaco Watch Company.

    “I’ll go about my day and have people approach me and congratulate on the launch and it’s really interesting because it shows we are creating our presence here in the area,” said Castañeda.

    Neurohr has a business background as a salesman. He and Castañeda are roommates. Greenberg and Neurohr were classmates at the Episcopal School of Dallas.

    Neurohr said TCU’s campus gives them an opportunity to take great pictures to promote their business and create noise. He said their social media accounts are extremely important to keep potential customers informed.

    “We do have premium watches, but we don’t sell them at such a premium rate,” said Neurohr. “We love giving further discounts to TCU students in the future. That’s why our social media is so important so you can stay up to date with those discounts.”

    “We have a huge range,” said Neurohr. “Our most expensive watch can go over $1,000 but we also have a very popular $100 and under section on the website.”

    The students not only use the TCU community to sell their product, but also the beautiful backdrops on campus. The photos used to market the product on social media and their website have individuals modeling their watches at different spots on campus.

    Castañeda credits his involvement with TCU’s Entrepreneurship Club as a factor in Monaco Watch Company’s start up.

    “At TCU we have great tools to help you in your entrepreneurial journey,” said Castañeda. “You can reach out to the entrepreneurship club whenever you want. You can shoot ‘em a text and they’re always willing to help.”

    Castañeda said the Entrepreneurship Club helped them figure out legalities such as paying taxes.