Flex 12 meal plan to be eliminated


    The Flex 12 meal plan will no longer be an option for students starting in the fall of 2015.

    With the opening of the new multipurpose building at the start of the 2015 spring semester, 635 TCU students switched over to the new Flex 7 meal plan, as opposed to the 370 current residents that were still enrolled in the Flex 12 this past semester, said Craig Allen, director of Housing and Residence Life.

    “There aren’t a lot of people using the Flex 12, and the Flex 7 appears to meet the student needs,” Allen said. “I’m surprised that we left the Flex 12 as an option.”

    Allen said the main reason for the success of the Flex 7 was the increase in campus cash spent during the semester and a decrease in Market Square swipes.

    “With the opening of this building, what we have been tracking and what we are seeing is that there is more interest in having the flexibility that comes with fewer swipes and more campus cash,” Allen said. “We expect that to continue next year, especially as students will start the year with this facility open, and will not have to adjust to it during the year.”

    Allen said the Flex 12 plan was focused around allowing students to have a more affordable meal option. However, with the rise of campus cash, the Flex 12 plan lost its luster.

    “It makes sense that we would go toward the plan that has more campus cash,” Allen said. “The reason for creating the Flex 12 was to give our students, especially sophomores, a lower price-point option that met more of their dining wishes.”

    Allen also said in addition to the construction of the new multipurpose building, the opening of the new food and dining location at the library in the fall will make the Flex 7 a more viable option for students enrolled in the meal plan.