Parking tickets down, boots up in spring


    The number of parking tickets written by the TCU Police Department this semester has decreased, but the number of boots put on cars has almost tripled since the fall.

    A total of 12,247 parking tickets have been handed out by the TCU Police Department so far this academic year. Of that number, 6,551 of those were handed out during the fall semester. In comparison, as of April 28, 5,696 parking tickets have been written this semester.

    While that may seem like a lot, a number of those written out were voided by the TCU Police or the appeals committee, said DeAnn Jones, coordinator of parking and transportation services.

    TCU Police has placed 115 boots on illegally parked cars this year. As of April 28, cars have been booted 83 times this semester. Only 32 were issued out in the fall semester.

    TCU Police doesn’t keep track of the money generated from parking tickets because the tickets have a number of different fines that go with them, Jones said.

    Many of the fines associated with the parking tickets get reduced. However, all the money received from the fines is put directly into the general fund, she said.