TCU hosts first annual HOPE walk


    After investigating hunger in their Honors Foodie Cultures course, three students became inspired to fight for the cause.

    On April 25th, TCU students Cami Fannin, Nicole Luongo and Claire Kiser partnered with the Fort Worth HOPE Center to hold the first annual HOPE Walk For Hunger on  campus. 

    The HOPE Center fights hunger by distributing food throughout the Metroplex. They also get people ready for new and better jobs by providing education, job certification and dental health services, according to their website.

    The walk consisted of volunteers walking 1.7 miles around Worth Hills to raise awareness for the cause.

    Fannin, a sophomore strategic communication major, said it’s more of a problem in Fort Worth than people realize.

    “I feel like a lot of people think that hunger is an issue in Africa or somewhere abroad, and they don’t really realize that it’s happening here in our neighborhood,” Fannin said.

    After the estimated 60 volunteers finished the walk, they were welcome to stay and enjoy food and entertainment, which included TCU Student Body President Cody Westphal playing music for the crowd.

    Fort Worth HOPE Center President JoAnn Reyes said the walk was an important first step in what she hopes will be a long partnership between TCU and the HOPE Center.

    “TCU is a place where a lot of the young people are getting involved in the HOPE Center, and we need that young life, the young ideas, the young thoughts… It’s been a real honor for the TCU students to find us,” Reyes said.

    Luongo, a junior supply chain management major, said they wanted to partner with the HOPE Center because they’re working to end hunger in Fort Worth.

    She also said she sees the partnership carrying on because all three founders of the walk will return to TCU for the 2015-2016 school year.

    “We called it the first annual for a reason. We want it to continue,” Luongo said.