Worth Hills parking garage: impact and update


    The Worth Hills parking garage construction may cause some inconvenience, but it should not impact most campus residents, according to the TCU Physical Plant.

    Construction on the Worth Hills parking garage will begin with the destruction of Brachman Hall on Thursday and is slated to be complete by July 31, 2016.

    The project will have an effect on traffic in the area.

    One lane of Pond Drive will be closed during the month of June. Construction flagmen will be posted to direct cars in the event that both lanes need to be closed.

    Construction traffic will increase on Bellaire Drive North and Bellaire Drive West with crews relocating excavated soil from Brachman Hall to the grass area on the corner.

    Utilities and services for Brachman Hall will be completely disconnected Wednesday in preparation for the buildings destruction on Thursday.

    Physical Plant will attempt to keep the community informed as construction progresses to minimize surprises and inconveniences.