Admission office anticipates incoming class to have record number of students


    The class of 2019 is projected to have the highest number in enrollment, according to Dean of Admission Ray Brown.

    The enrollment number will not be finalized until the fall, but Provost Nowell Donovan says TCU expects that roughly 200 more students than originally anticipated.

    “We’re not one of those places that thinks bigger is better,” Brown said. “We just think that bigger is simply bigger.”

    The “better” came with TCU’s record SATE mean score. The SATE mean score, an equivalency measure for the ACT and SAT, is up from 1832.01 to 1841.38. The increased score came along with increase yield numbers for the incoming class.

    In this case, the office of admission anticipated a 25 percent yield. So, they offered admission to 7,941 students out of the 18,324 that applied.

    When TCU won the Rose Bowl in 2011, the yield increased by 1.4 percent. Brown says the yield is now running about 4 percentage points ahead.

    “We’re nervous about how many students are coming in,” Brown said. “We’ve extended 300 fewer offers and are running 200 deposits ahead.”

    While the class of 2019 is projected to be the largest class, other statistics remain constant. Last year, 17.8 percent of the class consisted of students of color. As of April 29, the percentage for the class of 2019 was 17.1 percent.

    Additionally, the male population of last year’s incoming class was 36.3 percent. As of April 29, the percentage of the incoming class was 37.4 percent.

    Brown says the office of admission is anticipating an increase in applications this fall because of additional attention.

    “The attention we received, particularly from football, happened in December, the time when our applications were due,” Brown said. “We think this will impact our applicant pool for next year.”