No car? No problem.


    The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex is accessible to all students, even those who don’t have cars.

    In a big city, people may find it difficult to get around without a car, but TCU and the DFW area offer different services to get around.

    Craig Allen, the director of Housing and Residence Life, said most first-year students stay close to campus at the beginning of the year.

    According to US News, 63 percent of TCU students have cars on campus. There is a good chance a student without a car will make friends with someone who does.

    “There are enough students that if they want to go to get groceries or go to a movie, there’s usually enough people that have a vehicle,” Allen said.

    If a student can’t find someone to get a ride with, Fort Worth offers other types of transportation.

    The Trinity Railway Express is a train that runs from the T&P Station in Fort Worth to Union Station in Dallas.

    Students can get a free metro pass at the Brown-Lupton University Union. The pass also works on all buses in Fort Worth. The pass allows students to ride the TRE for free.

    The train makes several stops in towns such as Arlington and Irving. The train also stops at the airport. The Dallas Area Rapid Transit is another rail and bus line that goes around the Dallas area.

    TCU’s campus is also designed to be fully accessible to those without a car. Allen said TCU’s campus is easy to get from place to place either by walking or with a bike if a student chooses to have one.

    Allen said a seven-minute walk on a large campus would not get someone nearly as far across campus as it does on TCU’s campus.