Despite rain, library construction on track


    Renovations on the Mary Couts Burnett Library appear to be on schedule for completion in August, said the TCU library’s associate dean, Tracy Hull.

    “It’s crucial we get it done,” Hull said. “Rain caused delays, but we are confident it will get it done.”

    Hull said there have been several efforts made by the construction team to make up for lost time.

    “The crew is working multiple shifts and even on Saturdays,” she said.

    James Lutz, director of library administrative services, said those efforts include six 10-hour work days a week.

    “They’ve been trying to make up the time because the rain has caused a bit of a delay,” Lutz said. “Especially on the exterior portion of the work.”

    Lutz said constructing the bridges that will connect Rees-Jones Hall with the library, combined with finishing the roof of the building, have been the most troublesome projects with the weather.

    The “pedestrian air bridge” will be built on the second story of the library. Lutz said the safety protocols of the two buildings coincide, making the bridge a vital part of construction.

    “They need those bridges in because fire alarm systems between the two building have to be synchronized,” he said. “And the rain affected how fast we could get the roof on earlier in the year.”

    TCU began library renovations in May 2014 with plans to add 19,000 square feet. Upon completion, students can expect new furniture, more seating and additional teaching space. A new technology center, special collections area and first-floor cafe will also be added, according to the TCU physical plant website.

    In 2014, Library Dean June Koelker said renovations were made to coincide with the new ways in which students tend to study.

    Lutz said Linbeck, the construction company, tells him they are still shooting for an Aug. 1 completion date despite prior weather obstacles.