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    Ronald Watson, chairman of the art and art history department, has been involved with art since elementary school, and continues to create it today.Now he and other faculty members from the art department are sharing their most recent artistic accomplishments with the public.

    Faculty members from the art and art history department have created works now on display in Insights, the TCU faculty art show.

    “We really hope that people come from across campus,” Watson said.

    Watson said seeing the show would be a wonderful way to get an idea of what can be expected from any kind of art exhibit. It is also good to see what students’ professors are capable of, Watson said.

    Graphic design professor Lewis Glaser’s work, “Dance Voices” is one of the 28 works created by 16 faculty members in Insights.

    “Art students should see what their professors are doing and that they are qualified to teach and of creating,” Glaser said. “Other students may enjoy looking at the diverse kind of work. It’s a real mixed bag in terms of the type of art work that you see.”

    The works include ceramics, drawing, graphic design, sculpture, photography and more.

    “It would be neat to see your teachers’ work because you don’t get to too often,” said Polly Niccoli, a freshman premajor. “You can see the techniques from the people who have studied art, which could help with your own artwork.”

    Niccoli said she is considering a future in graphic design. Last semester, her 3-D design class created a replica of a model car entirely from cardboard and 12 times the model’s original size. The work entitled, “Sho Piece,” is part of the student work also currently on display in “Insights.”

    All of the artwork on display is recent, and was created within the calendar year, Watson said.

    Roma Misra, a graduate student getting her masters in studio painting, said having work on display is part of the experience of being an artist.

    “Your work needs to be out there and seen,” Misra said.

    Students may view both the faculty show and student work until Feb. 8 in the University Art Gallery located in the Moudy Building North.


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