Adjusted retake policy sound idea


    Future accountants should take notice: they no longer get the mulligan the university offers through its course-retake policy.

    The university’s current retake policy allows a student to try as many times as they please to improve their grade in any course. However, the accounting department recently announced that next fall, once accounting majors have taken an upper-level accounting course, they will not be able to retake lower-level accounting classes, financial accounting and managerial accounting, to raise their GPAs.

    Administrators from the Neeley School of Business said the change is meant to keep grades fair and the policy ensures that students don’t unfairly pad their GPAs. In addition, with the growing number of students, keeping them from retaking courses frees up space for those who need to progress along their degree plans. This will fix the problem that has slowed Neeley students in the past, and one of the reasons the school passed stricter GPA entry requirements and restructured its minor.

    In a competitive academic environment, students should not be allowed to take a do-over whenever they make a bad grade in a class. They should be held accountable when they produce results that don’t measure up to their own or their departments’ standards – that’s the reality in a working environment.

    Neeley is living up to its reputation as the university’s most prestigious school. It has a responsibility to produce intelligent, hard-working students that do the work right the first time.

    The university should follow Neeley’s lead. As our university’s most highly-ranked school, it should and is leading the way toward a higher-achieving student body.