Administration should communicate with students about parking


    Parking on campus can be an almost impossible task, but fines for parking illegally can be even worse. It’s a lose-lose.

    Each year, the university administration fails to address, or even discuss, the concerns over parking that constantly affect and annoy students, faculty and staff.

    The only time any communication takes place regarding parking is when the campus community receives an e-mail informing it that even fewer parking spaces will be available because of construction or other events.

    Many of the parking lots on the east side of campus are constantly full, forcing drivers to go to lots located blocks from the academic buildings and then ride the shuttle bus closer to classes. Many students, however, do not know this resource is available, nor do they know the shuttle routes and hours.

    Another concern is the rapidly decreasing number of parking spaces. Last year, one lot lost a substantial number of spaces because of construction for the new Mary Wright Admission Center. Now, spaces near the stadium are closed because of construction, and rows of parking behind Beasley Hall are gone to make room for a new building for Brite Divinity School.

    If the university would simply be more transparent and intentional with its communication with students, less frustration would exist. If changes, such as creating more lots or constructing a parking garage are not feasible, students deserve to know why, otherwise, the resulting rift between the administration and students will fracture any potential headway that could be made in addressing the problem.

    News editor Katey Muldrow for the editorial board.