Album Reviews


    Underground favorite Black Rebel Motorcycle Club returns with its latest full-length release, “Howl.”B.R.M.C. builds upon its signature sound, delivering a more polished, but not overdone, album, giving fans what they expect without recycling old material.

    The 14 tracks find B.R.M.C. relying more than ever on synthesizers and acoustic guitars. Pulling more from the blues and garage rock from the ’60s, “Howl” retains a sparse, live feel.

    Though softer, the songwriting remains strong, and vocalist Peter Hayes’ crooning suits the mood of the music like no other’s could.

    Solid and catchy from start to finish, B.R.M.C.’s latest doesn’t disappoint.

    – Ryan Claunch

    Music fans looking for a CD to listen to from TCU to a restaurant and back will be well-served by The Lost Patrol Band’s new self-titled release.

    Following the trend of retro-influenced dance rock sweeping the music scene, The Lost Patrol Band combines punk tempo, a raw ’60s rock sound and a Brit-pop backing to give listeners something unique.

    The album is catchy from start to finish, but hard to differentiate songs without listening to the disc a couple of times.

    The vocals can best be described as Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo after his voice finally changes and stops cracking.

    The Lost Patrol Band delivers an energetic and infectious batch of tunes.

    – Brian Chatman