Americans shouldn’t turn blind eye to foreign disaster


    As President Barack Obama spoke to the nation last night about the nation’s involvement in Libya, he commented on how Americans cannot turn a blind eye to atrocities and disasters around the world when we have the opportunity to provide assistance, and he’s right.

    Even though we have an economy that is in a recession, a housing market on a shaky foundation, high unemployment, numerous social issues like abortion and gay marriage and the constant threat of terrorism, American citizens still have a pretty good life.

    We can have disagreements about the government without fear of death. Journalists can report the news in a free press. Citizens, with hard work, and maybe a little luck, have the chance to rise above their own class and make a real impact on the country.

    For us to sit back and ignore this real, passionate movement to overthrow Moammar Gadhafi, a dictator who cares more about power than his own people, would be a grave mistake. And yes, while involvement in Libya may come at an unexpected cost to American taxpayers, there is no price that can be put on doing what is right and what is necessary to assist a country whose citizens are willing to perish to be free from oppression.

    Americans and students must understand that by doing nothing, we condone the actions of those who commit terrible crimes. By doing nothing, we are just as guilty as the oppressors.

    News editor Patrick Burns for the editorial board