Appeals limit allows accuracy


    It happens at the end of every semester: Students wait impatiently in front of a computer, constantly refreshing’s academic home page to see if final grades have been posted. Inevitably, someone will be dissatisfied with his or her grade. Disgruntled students can present their cases to the Academic Appeals Committee about discrepancies concerning a specific grade. Currently, a student has until the drop date of the next semester to appeal a grade, but a proposed appeals process would limit the time frame to appeal a grade to 10 days.

    The University Judicial System should adopt the proposed appeals process to ensure accuracy and justice. By limiting the time students have to file a request for an appeal, students and teachers will have a better recollection of circumstances than they would after a summer or Christmas Break.

    Not only will the proposal protect against vague memories, but it will also accommodate the academic agendas of graduate students who continue programs through the summer. The proposal will allow graduate students who appeal a grade from the spring to receive a decision before continuing classes in the summer, said Suzy Lockwood, Faculty Senate chairwoman, in Tuesday’s Skiff.

    In addition to shrinking the time frame to appeal a grade, the proposal will more than double the size of the appeals committee, which will allow for a quick turnaround on appeals cases.

    Even if there wasn’t a specific time frame for grade appeals, students should be responsible enough to maintain their averages throughout the semester – there shouldn’t be any surprises at the end of the semester. If there is an honest error in grading, then the appeals process should be used.

    The committee should not, however, be used as a final lifeline for students who neglect to inquire about their grades throughout the semester or simply fear the wrath of their parents. There are some things in life that just aren’t subject to change.

    Editor in chief Amy Hallford for the editorial board.