Athletes’ actions impact everyone


    For better or worse, athletes are the face of a university. They draw national attention to schools and attention to themselves faculty and other students do not get.But there is another side that goes with being the center of attention. It is the added level of responsibility and behavior expected and required of these men and women.

    Because of the importance the media places on athletics, athletes must adhere to this level of responsibility and show respect for the university.

    Unfair? Sure. But life isn’t fair and if athletes aren’t willing live under a microscope, then they need not represent our university.

    But those who bring disfavor on the university do not belong on our teams, regardless of the talent they show. The behavior of all people associated with TCU – students, faculty members, staff and administrators – reflects not only on themselves but the greater institution.

    Sexual assault charges of three former student-athletes has garnered national attention, with stories running from the Skiff and the Fort Worth Star-Telegram all the way to MSNBC News Services. Whether Boschini and Patterson like it, we have all taken on a little bit of the scandal.

    If a student was to travel anywhere in the country right now and say he or she was a Horned Frog, a certain level of judgment would come with that association.

    This isn’t to say that students not involved in the reported assault are complicit; it’s to say that the actions of a few can rub off on the reputation of all of us.

    News editor John-Laurent Tronche for the editorial board.