Board of trustees OKs campuswide wireless

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    The board of trustees approved funding for campuswide wireless Internet access next year at its annual winter meeting Friday.”I’m really excited for the wireless potential this time next year,” Chancellor Victor Boschini said. “There could be a few minor road blocks along the way, but I think it will all work out down the road.”

    Jace Thompson, the SGA president, said this was the second step in getting wireless Internet after the idea was suggested at the board meeting last semester.

    “We needed to find funds and accounts for it, and it took $600,000 to get it approved,” Thompson said. “It’s a big part of our residential campus because there is more need for it now with everyone moving into the Grand-Marc and all of the new dorms.”

    Progress on the Campaign for TCU fundraising also reported gains of $90 million since the beginning of January. The campaign raises money for scholarships and endowment shares.

    Dan Whelan, vice chancellor for university advancement, said he was very happy with the current progress being made.

    “We’re in the leadership gift phase of the campaign right now,” Whelan said. “So far, we’re ahead of our projections, and we’re very happy with our progress. Trustees have been very supportive of the campaign to date, and we will probably begin the public phase of it next spring.”

    The university has appointed 40 new faculty members among various departments over the last three years, continuing its objective to further improve on the student-faculty ratio, according to a news release about the meeting.

    Boschini has also noted an increase of 39 percent in applications to TCU this year. Applicants’ class ranks are also a full point better than they were last year, and SAT scores are about 10 points ahead of last year’s pace as well, according to the news release.

    The board of trustees will hold its final meeting of the year March 30.


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