Bookstore waits for permit before moving out


    The TCU Bookstore was set to move this weekend, but without a permit, that will not happen until next week.The staff members are waiting for the Fort Worth Development Department to issue a permit, which will allow them to move temporary trailers onto the parking lot, said Wayne Mar, operations manager of the bookstore.

    Llisa Lewis, manager of the bookstore, said until the Development Department reviews its application and issues the permit, the trailers, which will serve as a temporary location for the bookstore during renovations, cannot be put in place.

    Marie Hughes, customer service representative for the Development Department, said the bookstore applied for the permit Feb. 13, but said permit applications that were received before that date have to be reviewed first.

    Despite the postponement, the staff anticipates completing renovations by Aug. 1, Lewis said.

    The bookstore’s Froggies Caf‚ will be closed until the bookstore reopens, she said.

    Amanda Strickland, sophomore business premajor who studies at the caf‚ every week, said the renovations will not be an inconvenience for her because the Mary Couts Burnett Library is another alternative for her.

    Lauren Williams, junior advertising/public relations and psychology major, disagrees.

    “I’m kind of bummed the caf‚ is closing,” she said. “It will be inconvenient because my classes are near (the caf‚) and I can come and eat on send-home.”

    Mar said the bookstore staff cannot move the caf‚ into the trailers because there is not enough interior space. Also, running water needed to operate the cafe cannot possibly be installed in the trailers, he said.

    When the bookstore receives the permit, placing the trailers in the parking lot could cause parking problems, Lewis said.

    TCU Police Chief Steve McGee said he is waiting to see how much parking space the trailers will cover before he can decide parking alternatives.

    “But we will be working to make sure students have enough parking spaces,” he said.

    The staff still plans to locate its buy-back sites in the University Recreation Center, Worth Hills and the Student Center at the end of the spring semester, Lewis said.