Brite professor inaugurated


    The “encouraging” Brite Divinity School professor Russell W. Dalton was inaugurated Tuesday as the associate professor of Christian education during his second year at Brite.”It’s been a while since Brite has had a Christian education professor,” Dalton said. “I want to inspire students to be aware of Christian education.”

    At Brite, Dalton has taught classes such as youth ministries, ministries with children, ministry in the digital culture and faith and film.

    “I feel that his teaching has kindled a life-long love of religious education in me,” Susan Martin, a Brite student, said. “I’m glad that I had the opportunity to take classes from such a knowledgeable person.”

    Brite is waiting one year for most new faculty to be inaugurated. Waiting before being inaugurated gives new staff time to adjust to the school, Dalton said.

    Dalton’s inauguration service took place in the Robert Carr Chapel and family, students and faculty attended. The inauguration was organized by Nancy Ramsay, executive vice president and dean of Brite, and Susan Bond, lecturer in homiletics and practical theology.

    “The highlights of the service is the liturgical dance preformed by my daughters, Anna Grace and Maria, and my son Nathan is reading scripture,” Dalton said.

    “This will be a model for students and professors to see how kids can lead worship services.”

    The service also included a scripture reading from Dalton’s friend Dr. Tyron Inbody, professor of theology at United Theological Seminary, an academic address from Dalton and service participation from other Brite faculty.

    Before teaching at Brite, Dalton was a professor at United Theological Seminary.

    “For me, he has been a mentor, a guide and an example of the kind of human I hope to be someday,” said Wesley Mullins, a Brite student.