Broken gas line leads to evacuation of Student Center, Reed Hall


    A broken gas line led to two evacuations of the Brown-Lupton Student Center and Reed Hall just before noon today.

    Larry Markley, director of the Brown-Lupton Student Center, said he called the Physical Plant after they began to smell gas leaking into Suite 111.

    “They came over and said that we needed to evacuate,” Markley said. “(The leak) wasn’t in the building, but some of the gas was leaking into the building.”

    Students and faculty members were asked by TCU Police and other staff members to leave the building. Several Main employees were allowed in just before the building temporarily re-opened to students at 12:09 p.m.

    The building was evacuated for a second time at 12:24 p.m.

    Grill cook Larry Webb said he was told to leave the Main after being inside for about 10 minutes.

    “I’ve never seen a gas leak in the Student Center in my five years working here,” Webb said. “We have no idea what time we’re going back inside.”

    Lisa Albert, communications specialist, said students were allowed back into the Student Center about 2 p.m.