Campaign support should continue after primaries end


    Texas primary day is no longer approaching – it’s here. But from being on and around campus lately, this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

    That’s right, students have not only made it known that primary day has been approaching, they’ve taken an active role in the campaigns.

    From creating Facebook groups to working with area party officials, students have worked to prove the candidates should take the youth vote seriously.

    In a year that Texas voters’ opinions matter, TCU students are taking full advantage of their democratic voice.

    The attendance at Chelsea Clinton’s campus visit Monday was not just sufficient, it was applaudable.

    But it doesn’t stop with the convenient campus campaign stops. Students have shown up in groups to Sen. Barack Obama’s Dallas and Fort Worth visits, as well as to Sen. Hillary Clinton and Mike Huckabee’s appearances.

    Just don’t let it stop here. Even though primary season is coming to an end, the general elections aren’t until November. Keep up the campaign fever and push candidates to talk about the issues.

    It’s easy to get caught up in the spectacle, the sign holding and the spirited chants, but make sure to look at what matters – what the candidates will do if elected.

    Look beyond the one-liners from the rallies and explore the nuance within their stances on important issues. There’s a wealth of information available on the Internet about all of the candidates.

    When Texas is no longer in the spotlight, take the time to find out what the candidates think about all of the issues, not just the ones they choose to highlight in their speeches.

    And through this longer-than-usual campaign season, be sure to keep up the pro-vote spirit.