Campus Voices: Do the crime rates around campus make you feel less safe?


    No, I have always felt safe. Campus security has definitely increased since I have been on campus. Still, always being aware of your surroundings is the best way to avoid putting yourself into a bad situation.

    Will Leahy, junior psychology major from Carrollton

    I feel safe walking on campus when I see emergency phones and campus police in the area. I always take advantage of Froggie 5-0.

    Addie Leins, freshman nursing major from Irving

    No, I feel pretty safe. I park my ’68 Camaro in the freshman parking lot and so far it has been safe too.

    Jacob Clark, freshman biology major from Aledo

    You definitely have to be careful when walking around the neighborhoods surrounding campus- especially women.

    Eric Deal, senior biology major from Houston

    I don’t live far from the library and I always drive because I am scared to walk alone. If more people constantly walked to campus, I would feel safer.

    Michele Bruning, sophomore fashion merchandising major from St. Louis

    I don’t have many belongings, like a car. We have enough security, too, so I feel pretty protected. It’s a friendly campus.

    Travis Least, freshman electrical engineering major from Flower Mound

    – Compiled by Annie Cooper, staff reporter