Campus Voices: Should students be able to carry concealed weapons on campus?


    “No way. We already have the police here to take care of us. We don’t need weapons.”

    John McCord, freshman pre-major from Houston

    “No, I don’t. Even though school shootings are tragic, adding guns wouldn’t solve the problem. I worry about how students would feel if they knew the person behind them had a gun on them.”

    Jared Cobb, assistant director, TCU Transitions

    “No. Allowing students to have weapons would create unstoppable violence.”

    Shelly Newkirk, sophomore social work major from Springfield, Mo.

    “I don’t think so because it’s not safe to have weapons on campus. Off campus is fine if you have your concealed hand gun license, but not on a college campus.”

    Lee Cannan, freshman pre-major from Houston

    “Maybe just pepper spray, like for girls who want it.”

    Ginny Dean, freshman international communications major from Houston

    “I think they should, like if it’s a tazer or something. But not a gun. And not during the day, but maybe at night.”

    Britney O’Donnell, freshman education major from Houston

    “No I don’t. The risk of accidents is too great. There is more potential for people to get in heated arguments and they would escalate so quickly if people had weapons.”

    Stefanie Grows, junior nutrition major from Sacramento, Calif.

    – Compiled by Alexis Mladenoff, staff reporter.