Campus Voices: Should teachers receive bonuses for good evaluations?


    “Yea, they should receive a bonus, because it’s a student-teacher relationship and usually the better the relationship, the better the student does.”

    Holt Redwine, sophomore finance and accounting major from Dallas

    “No, I don’t think they should receive bonuses because I think good reviews should be expected and not rewarded. But there should be some incentive for teachers with better reviews.”

    Ryan Ross sophomore finance and Spanish major from Dallas

    “Yes, because some teachers are more qualified for their positions than others.”

    Taylor Lane sophomore advertising/public relations major from Dallas

    “Yes, because the success of the student can usually depend on the professor.”

    Hillary Hall sophomore advertising/public relations major from Austin

    “No. Because it’s their job to do the best they can. They shouldn’t get rewarded for an evaluation that is feedback on their job.”

    Patrick McCaffrey freshman engineering major from St. Louis

    “Are you serious? A student shouldn’t be responsible for what a teacher gets paid by the response of their evaluation.”

    J.B. Litterer freshman engineering major from Austin

    – Compiled by staff reporter Maddy Foxx