Campus Voices: Should the legal drinking age be lowered from 21 to 18?


    At the age of 18, you’re still living at home. Your parents can teach responsibility through drinking and it’s less of a taboo subject.

    Sara Hauck, freshman graphic design major from Eden Prairie, Minn.

    If it’s legal, maybe it won’t get as out of control as it already is.

    Laramie Jameson, sophomore neuroscience major from Southlake

    No, because at 18, I don’t think that people are mature enough. Along with the milestones of turning 18, graduating high school and going to college, it’s not the perfect time to add drinking.

    Callie Palmer, sophomore special education major from Fort Worth

    No, because I think that whatever age, there will be complaints. I think 21 is a good number to stay with.

    Jason T. Teague, junior communications major from Carthage

    Absolutely not. People are already irresponsible. It shows a bit more maturity at 21 when you are given that privilege. You’ll have more life experience.

    Bennett Parsons, sophomore music education major from Arlington

    No, instead of hiding drinking, people would go crazy and be very irresponsible. Now that I’m 21, I don’t think it should be lowered.

    Erica Fladung, junior economics major from Houston

    -Compiled by staff reporter Libby Davis