Campus Voices: What should the university do with money from sale of jet plane?


    “I would say improve the food in the BLUU. The service is great but the quality of the food needs work.”

    Monika Sadarangani, freshman business major from Dallas

    “Use it to get better computers. There are few Macs and they seem to work the best. They could also donate it to a charity in the area.”

    Corey Bennett, freshman computer science major from Fort Worth

    “Toward a parking garage or some extension of parking.”

    Blake Pierce, junior supply chain management major from Dallas

    “What else do we need? I guess a parking garage would be beneficial for TCU. Yeah, a parking garage sounds great.”

    Taylor Wright, junior radio-TV-film major from Fort Worth

    “It should go toward funding for programs on campus. The art program is in desperate need of money and students can’t always afford their gear. It is the most expensive major on campus.”

    Megan McBurnett, junior studio art major from Dallas

    -Compiled by staff reporter Annie Cooper