Campus Voices: Would shortening the school week to four days compromise productive learning?


    “No, I think it’s more efficient. It allows people to work more to gain experience, and I think hour-and-a-half classes are more efficient than half-hour classes.”

    Hana Litterer, senior finance and accounting major from Austin.

    “No, because I’ve already had a 4-day week. If you can fit the same amount of hours in a 4-day week, you’re not compromising anything.”

    Maddi Masino, junior advertising/public relations major from Pensacola, Fla.

    “No. You’d have more time to do your homework and catch up on your reading. It’ll help out quite a bit.”

    Travis Barrington, junior religion major from Crowley.

    “No, I don’t think it would. My last semester was a 4-day week. It gave me more time to study on the weekend. It’s better.”

    Valeria Segovia, junior graphic design major from Cartagena, Colombia.

    “Absolutely. I feel like the teachers would have to cram more in if they don’t maintain the traditional schedule.”

    James Michael Russell, junior anthropology and sociology major from Fort Worth.

    “Yes, because what you learn in a single day makes a difference in the five- or four-day week. Spreading out the information is better.”

    Chrishan Galbadage, senior engineering major from Colombo, Sri Lanka.

    “No, because I have the lectures as well as the clinical experiences in a 4-day week already. I’m getting the material the same way just in different locations. If I have the extra day off, I can do my homework and keep up with everything.”

    Danielle Desjardins, junior nursing major from Austin.

    – Compiled by staff reporter Maricruz Salinas