Car damaged by wrecker


    Students, faculty and staff gave their assistance after an e-mail from TCU Police asking for their help was sent, police said Tuesday.The e-mail asked for information on a car that was towed from the faculty lot on Main Campus Monday afternoon.

    A TCU police officer discovered a damaged car in the quad lot and contacted the owner, Sgt. Kelly Ham said.

    A student witness then told police he had seen a flat-bed wrecker removing a vehicle near the damaged car, Ham said.

    After the e-mail had been sent out, Ham said he received several phone calls and over 40 e-mail responses.

    “I was pleasantly surprised by the response I got,” Ham said, “and by how quickly people responded.”

    Because of the new information from students and employees, Ham said he was able to identify the company of the wrecker and find out who the driver was. Ham said he believes the damage was caused by the wrecker when it was towing a nearby vehicle, and he has an appointment with the driver today.

    “It is my opinion that it was an accident,” Ham said. “But I won’t know until I meet with him.”

    Ham said the driver of the wrecker is being cooperative and was unaware he had caused any damage.